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I really can’t say enough about the benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding reception. Every single time I’ve set one up, family and friends have had a tremendous time with them. Sometimes they take serious or silly pictures but they are always so much fun. I always bring tons and tons of fun props for guests to use. If you’re getting married anytime soon, you should definitely consider having one at your reception! They also are great for parties!


Mary + Jeff were married on a beautiful summer day. Their ceremony took place at Sacred Heart Church in Newburgh, New York and their reception was held at Meadow Brook Lodge in New Windsor, New York. Mary didn’t want any photos of preparation so I started right with the ceremony. Their reception was filled with so many beautiful speeches, great music, and good times.

They also opted to have a photo booth at their reception, which as you might know, is an awesome choice! Super fun and always memorable, the photo booth is a great way to capture all your guests, old and young, in an alternative and fun way. Stayed tuned for those photos!

Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0001Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0002Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0003Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0004Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0005Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0006Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0007Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0008Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0009Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0010Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0011Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0012Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0013Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0014Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0015Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0016Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0017Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0019Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0020Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0021Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0022Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0023Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0024Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0025Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0026Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0027Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0028Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0029Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0030Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0031Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0032Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0033Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0034Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0035Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0036Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0037Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0038Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0039Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0040Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0041Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0042Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0043Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0044Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0045Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0046Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0047Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0048Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0049Meadow Brook Lodge Wedding New Windsor_0050

I was so happy that Caroline and Dan hired me to document their beautiful Nostrano Vineyard wedding! I’ve been stalking checking out weddings there for a while now and their grounds and environment are truly among the very best that the Hudson Valley has to offer. Although their wedding day morning started out pretty rainy the clouds cleared away making for a gorgeous day. Caroline and Dan are such fun and amazing people and loved every second of their day 🙂

Everything at Nostrano Vineyards was so beautiful, I can’t wait to go back!

Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0001

Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0002

Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0003

Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0004

Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0005

Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0006

Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0007Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0008Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0009Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0010Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0011Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0012Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0013Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0014Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0015Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0017Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0018Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0019Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0020Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0021Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0022Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0024Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0025Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0026Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0027Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0028Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0029Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0030Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0031Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0032Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0033Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0034Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0035Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0036Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0037Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0038Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0039Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0040Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0041Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0042Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0043Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0044Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0045Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0046Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0047Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0048Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0049Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0050Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0051Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0052Nostrano Vineyards Wedding_0053

I adore this Roundhouse Beacon engagement session! I’ve photographed weddings and engagement sessions at the Roundhouse Beacon before and absolutely love it there! Beacon is a perfect little city commuting distance to NYC and there are so many amazing shops and restaurants, not to mention the natural beauty that the Hudson Valley is known for. It’s an old Hudson River industrial town too so there are remnants of the cities past which have been progressively converted into really great spaces. There are so many Hudson River towns like this and it’s great to see Beacon doing so well. Anyway, I had a wonderful time meeting Julie and Greg at the Roundhouse where we got a drink and discussed their wedding plans. We then ventured around the town making beautiful images. Can’t wait for their wedding!

roundhouse beacon engagement session_0001roundhouse beacon engagement session_0002roundhouse beacon engagement session_0003roundhouse beacon engagement session_0004roundhouse beacon engagement session_0005roundhouse beacon engagement session_0006roundhouse beacon engagement session_0007roundhouse beacon engagement session_0008roundhouse beacon engagement session_0009

Brittany and Andrei wanted their engagement session in Beacon NY. They researched a couple of places and found Madam Brett Park. It’s a beautiful park along the Fishkill Creek that also houses a rather large abandoned industrial age mill which powered a bunch of hat factories (which helped Beacon once earn the honor of “New York’s Hat Making Capital”!). Anyway, Brittany and Andrei loved the mix of industrial/nature and old/new. And I really loved getting to know them a bit better, discussing their wedding, and exploring a new place in the Hudson Valley!

Beacon NY Engagement Session_0001

Beacon NY Engagement Session_0002

Beacon NY Engagement Session_0003Beacon NY Engagement Session_0004Beacon NY Engagement Session_0005Beacon NY Engagement Session_0006Beacon NY Engagement Session_0007

I thought it was a wonderful idea to meet Allison and Jason at the beautiful Copake Country Club for their engagement session. They are getting married there in October and as I’ve never been there is was a terrific way to not only see the beautiful property and hear about their wedding plans, but to also get to know them a bit better. It was a great afternoon!

copake engagement session_0001copake engagement session_0002copake engagement session_0003copake engagement session_0004copake engagement session_0005copake engagement session_0006

I absolutely love setting up a photo booth at the Hudson Valley Hullabaloo! It’s completely different from when I set them up at weddings because then my assistant gets to have all of the fun with the booth! The slogan for the Hudson Valley Hullabaloo is “Where Arty Meets Party” and they are absolutely right about that. It is a super well curated craft fair in the up and coming city of Kingston NY that also has a DJ and some amazing local food vendors. The weekend is so much fun it’s ridiculous. I basically dance for two days straight. This year we opted to go with a bright backdrop with crafted birch trees and various forest creatures here and there. We also rented an amazing bear costume from one of my favorite local stores (Columbia Beauty Supply… the best costume and wig shop around). We took almost 2000 over the course of the weekend and I’m sure a lot of families had super amazing holiday cards to send to their loved ones 🙂

hudson valley photobooth 01hudson valley photobooth 02hudson valley photobooth 03hudson valley photobooth 04hudson valley photobooth 05hudson valley photobooth 06hudson valley photobooth 07hudson valley photobooth 08hudson valley photobooth 09hudson valley photobooth 10hudson valley photobooth 11hudson valley photobooth 12hudson valley photobooth 13hudson valley photobooth 14

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