Irma Murat 1920-2011

This is part of a series of photos I took of my grandma in her home in Lakehurst, NJ. The pictures were taken with the Hasselbad camera she gave me I have never written a personal entry on my blog (I even had to create a special “personal” section for this post). My grandma recently...

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  • PegI am so incredibly honored to have known Irma and spent time with her. My heart was always so full watching you two interact. She was a hell of a lady! I’m glad she forced us to get that tree in our yard 🙂

  • keithThis is a beautiful tribute to your Grandma Peter. It’s a reminder of how fleeting life is and how we must treasure our precious time with family. It’s great that you have so many photos to remember the little moments that you shared with Irma.

  • AndreaThis is a wonderful post, Peter. I am so touched and your Grandma was so lucky to have you, Peg and your family there for her. Thank you for sharing. The photographs on the boardwalk are especially gorgeous and moving.

  • Janet DemuthI cried and I cried and I cried some more. I am ever so grateful that living here in New York, near her grandchildren, that grandma really got to know and delight in the wonderful people that her grandchildren had become. Your very special bond with grandma, Peter, will continue to fill me with immense joy and sincere gratitude. You gave to her a gift that was better then all the treasures in all the world…you gave to her yourself and your very special love. I will remember your exceptional kindness and love for her always and when I look at you, I will see the very special qualities of grandma that will be reflected back to me in your eyes. I cannot think of a better tribute.

  • Alice BraibantiI came across your beautiful tribute to your grandmother Irma by chance this evening. I was a high school classmate of your aunt in the 1960s, and I remember how cheerful and caring Irma was. She was always busy and optimistic; she was devoted to her husband and girls. Your photographs and memories convey so much tenderness for her. I am glad Irma was blessed with a long life among such a loving family. My condolences to you, Janet, and the rest of the family.

  • June Boldridge KelleyDear Peter,
    My name is June. My grandmother, Elsie Murat Schilling, was your grandfather’s sister. Jacqueling was my mom. I have so many fond memories of your grandma. On the wall by my front door is a picture of the Murat family. Your grandfather was the youngest. It includes and seven children and our great grandparents. I also believe I have your grandparents wedding picture. I so remember visiting their house in Whiting and wondering as a kid about your grandpa’s leg and special shoe. I recently found the original clipping of his injury in Italy and how his rosary took the main bullet and saved his life. I have many pictures that my grandmother possessed. I actually have an 8mm film of your parents’ wedding! The last time I saw your grandmother was at a funeral for Flo Ashworth. The last Christmas card that I sent to her was returned, so I figured that she probable had passed. We live in central NJ if you ever want to take a road trip and see some of the family photos. It’s about 20 minutes north of where she lived.

  • George GrahamThank you for this wonderful tribute to Irma. I think of her often and it’s nice to experience her different expressions again.

Army of Knitters

Army of Knitters contacted me a while ago to photograph their winter collection. I was so psyched to help them out! Their designs are awesome and Heather (the owner) is great to work with. Army of Knitters creates beautiful knitwear patterns and collections. This certainly isn’t your grandmother’s knitwear! They are also branching out to sell...

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    Christie and Luis’ Wedding: West Point, October 23, 2011

    Christie and Luis live in Texas, but made time to meet me at my studio earlier in the year on a trip east to visit their families and plan their wedding. Luis is in the military, and they planned a Fall wedding at West Point Military Academy. I have photographed weddings at the Thayer Hotel...

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      Stacey and Chris’ Wedding: October 22, 2011

      Chris works in the Shirt Factory building where my studio is located, and I was very happy that he and his fiancée contacted me (and later hired me) to shoot their wedding. Their ceremony and reception took place at Le Chambord in Hopewell Junction, NY.  I’d never photographed a wedding there before, and when I visited...

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        Tara and Gary: Their Sunny Wedding Day :)

        Tara and Gary’s wedding at Hunter Mountain was way back in August (which doesn’t sound like a long time ago, but it really was!). The weather reports were threatening that day, and sure enough, about an hour before their ceremony was scheduled to start the rain started to fall. Like so many other days this year,...

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        • KristyBeautiful pictures and day 🙂
          That was so nice of you to take pictures another day at the top of the mountain! I’m sure they are glad to have those gorgeous shots.

        • Peter DemuthThanks Kristy! I had a great time and you’re right, it was a beautiful day!


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